Defending Your Company Against PAGA Claims

At Martin Law, we only represent businesses. 

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Employers in California face a challenging legal environment. Even after a business has spent significant time working to comply with employment laws and ordinances, an employee may still make a claim against you at any time, whether it be for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour class actions, or PAGA claims.

 At Martin Law, we help employers stand up for their company’s rights and dissuade former employees from proceeding with meritless litigation.

We exclusively represent employers in employment litigation. Our careers are devoted to this area of law.

Our team has over a decade of experience representing employers in cases brought by their employees. We are confident business trial lawyers who will not hesitate to aggressively represent you in court.

Helping You Fight Employment Claims.

If your business is facing a claim from a current or former employee, you deserve an employment defense attorney who will fight for you. Our firm’s founder has a strong track record of preventing lawsuits from being filed by engaging opposing counsel at an early stage.

Multiple claims have been resolved with no payout required by the client. This includes obtaining summary judgment in state and federal court, obtaining voluntary dismissals with prejudice, filing motions to decisively end the litigation, prevailing at trial, and confirming dismissals on appeal.

Dedicated To Representing Employers. 

Martin Law handles cases on behalf of employers in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and throughout Southern California.  Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our employment defense attorneys (949) 868-2838.

Defense Verdict

Plaintiff asked for


Harassment Claim

Orange County Superior Court

Defense Award

Employee asked for


Wrongful Termination

Arbitration in Los Angeles

Dismissal By Employee

Damages estimated at


Wrongful Termination

Los Angeles Superior Court

Dismissal By Employee

Damages estimated at


Individual Wage and Hour

Los Angeles Superior Court

Meet the Founder of Martin Law

David L. Martin

David Martin is an experienced labor and employment attorney who exclusively represents businesses in employment litigation.  Before starting the firm, Mr. Martin was a labor and employment partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP, one of the largest firms in the country. 

David Martin has prevailed at trial and arbitration on behalf of his clients.  He has also obtained dismissals through motions for summary judgment in state court, federal court, and arbitration. He has a strong track record of convincing opposing counsel to walk away from their clients or have their clients voluntarily dismiss their claims with prejudice.

Representative Cases

Mark Hauge v. VXI Global Solutions, LLC, et al. (LASC Case No. BC688172) (Defense award for Employer that included recovery of costs against former sales executive who sought more than $2.5M in damages.)

Reumont v. Gordon, Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2014-00714313 (Defense Verdict).

Ramirez Pallets, Inc. v. Harry W. Gorst Co., Inc., et al. 2014 WL 8388892 (Motion for Summary Judgment Granted).

Nicolas Hernandez v. Affiliated Temporary Help, Inc., Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BC627331 (Obtained dismissal with prejudice in wrongful termination case).

We Help Your Company
Fight Against PAGA Claims.

PAGA Defense

PAGA claims are currently on the rise.  They cannot be compelled to arbitration, which poses a challenge for businesses.  Martin Law has significant experience with PAGA claims filed in conjunction with class actions and as stand-alone claims.  With these claims, it is critical to involve experienced counsel as soon as you receive a PAGA notice letter.

We Only Represent Employers

At Martin Law, we fight hard on behalf of businesses. We do not pressure our clients to settle meritless claims. Our creative strategies have led to extraordinary outcomes, including convincing former employees not to pursue claims of wrongful termination even after they have retained counsel, and obtaining dismissals of such claims without our clients being required to pay out any money.

Martin Law – Experts in our Field

Martin Law specializes in helping companies defend against PAGA claims and helping employers position themselves to avoid such claims. Martin Law’s attorneys are experienced and its founder was a Labor and Employment Partner at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP, which is one of the largest firms in the country. Martin Law represents many industry leaders in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Clients of Martin Law and Its Founder

Clients of Martin Law and Its Founder

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